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Experts discuss what materials would work best.

Which materials would you use?

Experts in the field discuss what materials would be best suited for restorations when certain conditions apply. 


Learn more about phasing restorative treatment!

How can phasing restorative treatment work for your practice?

Zachary Sisler explains how phasing treatment provides ideal restorations for patients in a reasonable, affordable manner. 


Learn more about how translucency matters for posterior restorations!

Why does translucency matter for posterior restorations?

Dhavel Patel discusses IPS e.max CAD, its use as a chairside block, and how to choose the correct translucency. 


Learn more about simplifying one of the most common dental procedures!

How can you simplify one of the most common procedures?

Todd Snyder addresses the posterior bonded tooth-colored compsite resin, discussing valuble tools that simplify the process.


Learn more about millable materials and what to use for the most predictable outcomes!

How can you improve treatment plans by learning more about millable materials?

This article provides an overview of millable materials to help clinicians understand better when prescribing applications with the most predictable, long-lasting outcomes. 

Duo-link Universal Resin Luting Cement
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